VSF Innovation Training


"I want my team to adapt new methods and become more creative and innovative."

Empower your company: Learn proven process & methods

used to build real products

Our training experts come from diverse backgrounds like Usability Engineering, Human Computer Interaction, Psychology and Computer Science. We have specialized in Software Development and its methodologies. We also have deep experience in various industries from mid-size to Enterprise companies.

Learnings are tangible and not just theoretical

Have you ever felt lacking the practical application of a new idea or concept after attending a workshop? At VSF we believe to solve real world problems. We hate wasting time by teaching something that cannot be applied right away, so we teach what has really worked from our real projects.

Our training offering

What will you benefit from our trainings?

  • It helps to minimize waste in your project management and provide a systematic and routine practice to build products that people actually want.
  • New features for your digital product can be developed in a relatively short time.
  • You receive feedback from the most important stakeholders as well as from users within a very short time.
  • Individuals will have a creative, productive and enjoyable working environment.
  • Employees from different areas and disciplines of your company are brought together to effectively develop new approaches and concepts.
  • You will successfully solve problems of your products by minimizing months of effort in weeks.
  • It improves communication with a shared understanding on all aspects of the product development.

Contact Us

Do you have questions to enroll in our trainings? Or is there a challenge your company needs to accomplish with your product design projects? We’d love to discuss how we can work together with you to explore exciting opportunities. Please send a mail to training@vsf-experts.de .