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In cooperation with Deutsche Telekom IoT as IoT Partners, we treat the Digitalization of your company as an integral part of our highly individualized Customer Service.

VSF and Deutsche Telekom IoT The Dream Team at your side. Reap the benefits of our innovative IoT Solutions and elevate your Business onto an entirely new level of success.

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Predictive Maintenance

Thanks to our AI-driven Data Analysis, any occurring anomalies within your systems will be spotted, identified and analyzed immediately, enabling quick-response high-precision and advanced maintenance.

Low Cost Tracking

Our intelligent budget- and time-expense efficient Tracking Systems will provide you with a unique way to keep your expense costs at an all-time low and prevent any major spikes from ever happening.

Ind. Machine Monitoring

The User Interface fitted specifically to your needs will provide you with an indispensable intuitive Remote Access and In-Depth Analysis to all of your ongoing processes and current conditions of your machines.

Mobile Identity Access

A custom-tailored Mobile Application capable of replacing any kind of key, access cards or codes will provide you and your co-workers and employees with a controlled, secure and efficient way to access all areas of your company, digital or otherwise.

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