Supercharge your Online Sales

Focus your energy on developing your marketing campaigns instead of branching off valuable resources to deal with the complexities of running a secure online shop that exceeds your customers expectations.

Our VECaaS suite takes care of your online sales for you, so that you can give your customers the product experience they deserve.

Introducing VECaaS, your fully managed E-Commerce Service

VECaaS is your full-coverage E-Commerce Service, containing all of the best-in-class open source PIM, CMS and Shop components ready to cover your entire sales channel needs.

VECaaS is the ideal fully managed service for the digital sales side of your business, growing with you and supporting you as you reach new heights of success.

E-Commerce as a Service - Smart Sales Strategies for a Safe and Flexible Web Shop Experience in an Ever-Changing World

The rate of change in the E-Commerce space is accelerating rapidly. The cost of keeping up with the latest user expectations and threats from cybercrime make budget planning exceptionally difficult.

Customers expect a user experience that delivers the same instant gratification they are used to from social media platforms. Your competitors are finding ever more innovative ways to deliver new product experiences.

Hackers are getting ever more resourceful and the victims of cybercrime are growing exponentially. For those that don't constantly react to the latest threats, it is not a question of if, but a question of when they will become the next victim.

Why not leave these issues to be dealt with by an expert?

Key E-Commerce challenges VECaaS can help you to resolve



Speed to Market

The staple features included in VECaaS cover all standard use cases and allow you to get your business online quickly. Furthermore it allows you to easily add new features to swiftly boost your competitive edge in an agile way.


Vital Web Experience

A powerhouse combination of industry leading technologies and secure cloud hosting ensures the user experience that your customers deserve and reflect your brand in the best way possible, whilst lowering your advertising spend through boosted shop rankings at the same time.


Peace of Mind

Not having to worry about finding a platform and choosing a host that offers the uptime, speed and security needed saves both time and your nerves.
Backups, disaster recovery or dealing with the ever increasing threat posed by hackers - all these potentially costly surprises that could jeopardize your business continuity will be taken out of the equation by VECaaS.

Our Key to Your Success


Don't let your users become just another one of your bounce statistics. Provide them with the all-inclusive experience they deserve as quickly and smoothly as they expect. Let the enhanced performance boost your shop's ranking and lower your advertising budget as an added benefit.


Fine-tune your shop to your target audience by giving them the B2B, B2C or any other specific sales channel functions they might need without compromising their comfortable shopping experience in any way.


Enjoy the financial security of fixed monthly fees that turn budget planning and administrative cost tracking into an easy aspect of your business' support system.

Relax as experts in their field use the latest technologies and monitoring to keep your business and your customers safe and the hackers at bay.

Recent implementations - Learn how VECaaS has made an impact:

National Distributors

A recent re-platforming for a customer with nationwide exclusive sales and aftermarket rights has allowed them to expand their sales to mobile device users and thereby increase their site ranking by a tremendous amount as a result.

Vehicle Manufacturer

We recently launched a DTC (Direct to Customer) aftermarket sales platform as an additional sales channel for an established business. The complete re-platforming of a pre-existing shop was necessary and has proven to be the optimal solution to increase the brand's representation and align the e-commerce user experience with their customers' needs.

Manufacturer Intralogistics

A recent implementation of VECaaS has proven to be an integral part in the support of a proof-of-concept regarding a new line of business with the help of a specifically dedicated "micro shop". Launched within one week. This allowed the business to focus on product design and manufacturing without having to worry about the complexities of taking the business online. The company gained the time and space they needed to prepare for their ensuing success.

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Implementation process



Arrange a demo with some of your own products to gain a deeper, "mouse on" understanding of your customers' current and future shopping experience. Discover new possibilities by looking at your businesses future through your customers eyes.


Timeline Definition

Define which features you wish to start with and fit them into implementation timelines. This way, you'll be able to scale your feature sets to deliver the ultimate shopping experiences fully reflecting your brand and soon exceed your customers expectations.



Get your business online quickly with an effective baseline version. Start doing business and gain valuable feedback as the features are refined and implemented, providing a continual flow of upward momentum.


Continuous improvement

Regular feedback ensures that any additional features are integrated in a productive order that will have the most effective impact on your business whilst putting your customer first.

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Supercharge Your Online Sales

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  • This sounds quite costly. Are there any hidden costs for upkeep and maintenance or security measures?

    There's nothing hidden within our VECaaS packages, everything is included. If you're worried about biting off more than you can chew, please consider our flexible payment system as well as VECaaS' fundamental advantages:

    1: VECaaS will lower your overall TCO as it's generally set up to match your transaction frequency.

    2: Your sales will organically increase through the implementation of our VECaaS Motto "Speed, Simplicity and Security" to your new E-Commerce presence.

  • My current platform is safe enough already, why should I take the risk of moving?

    No platform is completely safe unless it's continuously monitored, maintained and safeguarded by the latest technologies like the ones VECaaS provides you with.

  • I'm hard pressed for time, how long does it take for a complete beginner to get their bearings in this entirely new subject?

    Our user friendly and intuitive interfaces do most of the work, but rest assured: with our focused System Introduction, you'll master the controls in no time.

  • Is there any risk of losing data, product data or customer contacts for example, during a move to a new platform?

    Certainly not. Our data engineers will safely encrypt, optimize and transfer all of your data to your shops new home.

  • How does VSF keep me and my business safe from the prying eyes of hackers once everything is stored in the cloud?

    In addition to setting several proactive security measures into place, our experts move at the tip of the newest security technologies and apply them to your cloud space as they go. Furthermore, Internal Penetration Tests are conducted in a regular, irregular manner and, should you wish for additional tests, you can request External Penetration Tests to ease your mind.