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At the Homologation conference, one of the conferences of TÜV SÜD in Munich. From Nov. 4th to Nov. 5th 2019.

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Effortlessly incorporate Compliance into your Companys' Digital Factory Innovations

To keep up with the fast pace of the industry, vehicle manufacturers are constantly challenged to be innovative in developing their efforts to digitalize their processes in all areas from design to production.


By integrating all related processes into the Digital Factory, companies are consistantly working on maximizing their efficiency while ensuring the optimal quality of their product at the same time.


With the ever increasing complexity of products and legal requirements, Compliance is now moving into the focus of product development and production.

Revolutionise your homoligation process with ease

"VCX will help to effortlessly introduce Compliance as a part of your digitalisation efforts and enable you to stay ahead of the increasingly complex market requirements."

Get full support for all EU Type Approvals

The ongoing development of EU Regulations and Guidelines for type approval processes and documentation challenge vehicle manufacturers to keep up with their related responsibilities.


VCX provides manufacturers with an up-to-date overview of the documentation required by their respective authorities.

Stay up-to-date with the latest changes in legal requirements worldwide

Dealing with new legal requirements generally adds a lot of time pressure to ongoing processes.


Not only do your products themselves need to comply with the new directives, but the necessary documentation, templates and IT processes need to adapt in a timely manner as well. In the past, the required systems might have needed a complete overhaul in order to adhere to new regulations as quickly as possible.


With VCX you will always be up-to-date with all aspects of your products' documentation - without any additional work. Focus on the compliance of your product and VCX will handle the rest for you!

Gain the ability to rely on one single source of data for everything you need to safely complete your documentation processes


Even small mistakes during the registration process present a high potential for far-reaching problems for companies that can lead from long waiting periods for customers and halting production to major product recalls.


Since VCX compiles all of the necessary information into one single data source, using VCX guarantees the accurate alignment of data entries on registration documents and entries on the related approval documents.

Reach your goals with a tool designed to be adaptable to markets worldwide

Every manufacturer working on a global scale is faced with rules and regulations set by several different legal systems. To deal with the variables set by these systems, manufacturers had to go through the Compliance processes for each Homologation region in the world separately.


From now on, VCX will not only provide you with the necessary information and documents but also with an automated adaptation of your data to the varying legal systems.


With VCX as your central system for all Compliance processes at your side, you will have all of your data processed into the required documents - not only for your country or even within the borders of the EU. With VCX the entire world will be open to you!

Reduce your workload by taking tedious maintenance of your documents out of the equation

Taking the plethora of complex data tables involved into consideration, getting the formatting of approval documents exactly right in order to make sure you've entered absolutely everything required by the authorities in question, can be very tedious and time consuming.


With VCX you will no longer need to spend time on tedious work - one single click and VCX will generate the required document for you, complete with all entries and compliant to the current legal requirements - no additional double-checks required.

Reap the benefits of a tool designed to support your Organization's individual structure

Whether you are working with a small Compliance team or on bigger scales, VCX allows you to assign responsibilities throughout all areas of your work structure in order to get the job done.

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  • Reduced data and work redundancies significantly reduce the time
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VCX Vehicle Compliance Xpert