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How to apply Design Thinking in tangible ways to create impact for your products and organizations


Many Design Thinking courses only cover the most well known concepts and leave participants with just a couple of practical techniques they can actually take back to their teams. In our training, we show you a practical and simplistic approach how Design Thinking helps to solve challenges of all sorts, starting from poverty to product design, using realistic examples and project case studies. By the end of the workshop, you will create a realistic product or service or experience using Design Thinking techniques.

What will you learn?

Enabling Creative Confidence

  • Hands-on approaches to empower teams with Creative Confidence.
  • Creating experiments to shift teams and inspire new ideas.

Design Thinking Process

  • Proven Design Thinking Process based on IDEO's foundation.
  • Different ways to seek Inspiration through empathy.
  • How to tackle any problem using a pragmatic toolkit.

Rapid Prototyping and Storytelling

  • How to convert insights to ideas.
  • Ways to prototype and test your ideas.
  • Share compelling stories to inspire others.


Target Audience

Product Managers, UX Designers, Product Owners, and others incharge of digital products or product teams, Startup Founders, Executives at large companies, Team Leads and Managers, Process Gurus and Agile Evangelists.

Price: 500€/person includes VAT (19%) for full day & 250€/person includes VAT (19%) for a 3 hour teaser workshop.

Location: VSF Experts GmbH, Mannheim.

On-premise workshop: We would be happy to provide trainings at your company. Please request quote if needed.

Registration: Please send us a mail to

Duration: Depending on your needs, we offer 3 hour teaser workshops and 1 day trainings.

Contact Us

Do you have questions to enroll in our trainings? Or is there a challenge your company needs to accomplish with your product design projects? We’d love to discuss how we can work together with you to explore exciting opportunities. Please send a mail to .



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